Thank you for your interest in becoming a consignor with us.  When we began our sale in 2006 we had just over 100 consignors. Fourteen sales later, we now have an average of 350+ consignors who participate in our sale each season. To date we have raised almost $500,000 for child-related ministries and our church kindergarten.

All former consignors and volunteers have first priority at our sale when registration opens. Remaining spots are then opened up online to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. When these spots are filled, a waiting list is created. We try our best to fill these spots quickly as they become available.

We value our consignors and believe the quality of our sale depends greatly upon those who choose to participate with us. Realizing that there are numerous sales throughout  Middle Tennessee, we treat our consignors like we want to be treated, and we do our best to insure that we provide the best consignment experience possible. We strive to make the entire consignment process simple, efficient, and profitable.

All consignors must familiarize themselves with our specific procedures. Read this contract here.

Don’t remember your consignor number and you need to locate it before you print your tags? Search here.


Check here to get a run down on the all the changes, updates, and requirements we’ve made since the last sale.

Please carefully read the following information below before choosing to register with us. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

Consignors are assigned a specific consignor identification number to use at each sale.

Start here to learn basic information about our sale-- what we accept or don’t accept, etc.

As a consignor, you are invited to shop before the public. Find out the details here....

Each sale has different procedures. Find out how to tag your items for our sale here....

Signed up as a consignor for our next sale?! Need to schedule a drop-off or select a new one? Go here for help and details.

Now you can print your tags online at anytime. Use this handy tool to generate your unique barcoded tags for our sale.

SCHEDULE your DROP-OFF TIME HERE!Consignor_Information.html

In order to streamline the drop-off process for your items click here to see a step-by-step guide.

The sale is over, now what? Read about our pick-up plan here.

New policy requires highlighting the consignor number on your index cards if you want to get them back after the sale.

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